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“Amer-iterranean Cuisine” 

Our gyros and other traditional Mediterranean fare will have you shouting “Mamma Mia!” Gyros have gotten all of the love in the U.S as the Greek signature dish. However, if you’ve ever been to, or plan to go to Greece, you’ll find so much more diversity in their specialties! Firstly, being surrounded by the Aegean sea with over 200 (!!) seafood is a huge part of Greek culture. Some of the best prepared fish in the world can be found in Greece, which we proudly feature. Also, Greek meals are packed with extra-flavorful veggies. From Greek salad, to grape leaves, to marinated peppers and olives, and so much more, not only do the Greek have a wide variety of customary veggies both fresh and cooked, but thousands of years of evolution have led to their mastery! Allow us to show you the fresher side of Greek cuisine. But of course, on those hungrier days we have some of the most tender, juicy, flavorful gyros you’ll ever have outside the Aegean!