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“I dip, jus dip, we dip” 

Our founder’s favorite sandwich is the French Dip. So much so that he one day asked “Why are beef, cheese, and onion the only ingredients that should be good when dipped in a delicious, hearty beef broth?” The answer is that they’re not! We craft a variety of specialty subs served on a perfect baguette for dipping in our broth. Our “master stock” is a reduction of a multitude of different meats, each seasoned with spices and herbs that continuously boiling down and in turn starts the next batch, gaining more and more flavor with each pass. Guess what? “Dip’d” doesn’t just stand for dipping the sandwich in the broth, when you order, instead of heating your meat in a toaster or microwave, we dip it in that same boiling broth, which in turn adds more flavor to the meat, and to the broth! It’s like a revolving door of deliciousness!